Monday, December 3, 2007

Ohmymama, it's December!

Don't mind the IKEA barcode tag attached to the flowers...

I feel death lurking menacingly about, headed straight for me in these upcoming two weeks. I shake my fist at you, school! But I suppose for the glorious freedom that awaits in 12 days, I deserve to suffer a little. Before I face the dreaded doom though, a small measure of procrastination is in order. Here is a selection of rambles about life in Barce. Yupiiii.

Saturday, Sierra and I took a quick trip to IKEA. Not because we particularly needed anything, but to, well, look at the Christmas displays and decorum. Teehee. Actually, the holiday spirit is pretty apparent all over Barcelona, especially in the evening with elaborate light arrangements strung up around the city. My dinky camera doesn't do them justice, but night walks about town have been just delightful.

The past two weeks have warmed up slightly, but my my my is it chilly over here. My San Diegan snobbery absolutely glows through my now translucent skin tones and has me humbly shivering. There was a week when I would run home from work or school, put on every shirt I owned, and burrow in my bed under the covers for the rest of the night.

This afternoon I had to go over to a friend's apartment to work on a group project. Good thing she lives in the heart of exactly where everyone tells us NOT to go. Oh, Raval. YOU ARE STRAIGHT UP GHETTO. I was actually a tad bit scared. But I'm alive and we did eat some bomb Indian food.

Lastly, I'd just like to note that our landlords came to our apartment for, uh, a small chat and among the many statements delivered, one beyond emphatically mandated we smoke our 'Maria' inside the apartment ONLY. Take that as you will. [I'd also like to note that I use "we" and "our" verrrrrry loosely here.]

Lunch date on a work day.
Mojitos and a Sunday night dinner.
Now for some adventures in "Hair Follicle Park."
Frolicking among the follicles. Say that ten times fast.Slightly levitating like a delicate fairy. Ha. Album cover for the new hit I'm a pathological liar. Ahem, SIERRA.I was forced to be the man for the day."Seductful?"Burying her favorite puppy I think I killed.Embarrassing things Sierra makes me do in public parks.Flying squirrel!
Check out the beast on my head. Out of control.
She's albino.Thank God I am not pale.
Okay, pale with blonde hair and blue eyes.
I for sure would have gotten jumped tonight.
Praying for the Lee's back at home...


Millie said...

oh you and your mojitos!

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