Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh, July 15th, how quickly you approach...

Sierra and I are approximately two weeks away from our fated date of departure. (Actually, we have exactly 18 days, but who's keeping track...) In preparation so far, well, I have most successfully avoided mulling over the puzzle of attempting to fit a year of my life into one 50-pound suitcase and a backpack. Exploiting technology to start this new blog is perhaps one of my better ploys in continuing to eschew the ominous concept that is packing. As such, I forge on in my procrastination...

The gameplan. After about a day and a half of flying across a plethora of states, an ocean, and even a few countries, Sierra and I are set to arrive in Cadiz, where we will spend about a month brushing up on our Spanish and taking field trips all throughout the southern coastal city. Purely educational trips, I am sure. Ahem. Then we head to Barcelona for another three weeks of intensive language indoctrination. This time though, we battle the formidable Catalan monster. We officially commence as fully immersed Spanish students at the Autonomous University of Barcelona sometime in September, at which point, we also hope to be in possession of some sort of permanent living situation; aka: NOT the sidewalks of Barca. Barcelona shall be our home away from home until our return to the States (not set to happen until next July), when we're not too busy scuttling around the rest of Europe that is.

I anticipate a full and exciting year. Even more so, considering I've never set foot on that side of the world and really don't know all that much about Spain. Aside from the fact that the capital is Madrid. And that it's legal to be in the nude anywhere, anytime in the country. According to an article from, it is a lifestyle that is purely political (Spain is just screaming Sierra's name as we speak). Apparently, with the demise of fascist dictator Franco's repressive regime, "the Spanish set about enjoying their new found freedom with a vengeance. Naturism was just one of the many phenomena to flourish in the new democratic Spain." Hum. And that's all I have to say about that.

Anyways, yes indeed we will be in Spain the entirety of a year. A year during which we know America will be direly lacking our presence. Therefore we extend to you the warmest invitation to visit. Although our winter break is already booked, that still leaves eleven other months for you to find a time to fly out. Consider yourselves hinted and let the exploits begin.

So, my friends and soon-to-be devoted readers, I ceremoniously raise my glass (or mouse, rather, but technically I don't do rodents) to a joyous upcoming year of adventures, misadventures, and who even knows what madness is to come. Pray for us and stay tuned as I am certain there will be much ado about Spain.