Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Metro morning rants cont.

Judging by the repulsive scents that never cease to waft around on metros, I'm pretty sure personal hygiene is something merely pondered at as an enigma by the Spanish. Maybe people in the United States don't shower either and I just never noticed because we all drive in our own separate cars and if someone in your car smells because they haven't bathed, that's your problem for being friends with them. I don't know.

On mornings such as these, when I have gotten about one hour of sleep (UCSD, I am trudging through muck right alongside of you) and have eaten only a tomato for breakfast (yes, one whole plain tomato; don't judge me, grocery shopping isn't happening until Saturday), finding the metro inordinately crowded does not put me in the best of moods (okay, fine, I'm never a morning person as it is) and stinkers are the LAST people with whom I would like to surround myself. This middle-aged man leaned down earlier and full-on yawned obnoxiously in. my. face. Um, WACATELAS. If I hadn't been immobilized for a solid five minutes due to the immediate deterioration of air quality, I would have socked him in the eye for not having brushed his teeth since he was born (I guess a punch in the mouth would have been more appropriate, but no way was I going near that thing again). OMG. POR FAVOR. Didn't your mother ever teach you to at least cover your mouth? Ugh.

Also, things I can't wait to regain when I come home: personal space. Apparently, there is no concept of such thing here either. I'm not sure how many times I've almost thrown a fit of harta hysteria because I can't get anywhere without at least 37 creepy old men touching me. Or when people absolutely insist on cramming onto the metro when it is already unfathomably packed, making you want to jump out a window.

I need some coffee.

Things that make me exceedingly happy though: cute giggly chubby little chum chums running around the office. !!!!! Ahhhh, I miss babies. I'm sad all my cousins are growing up. (How is it that I work at UNICEF and never come into contact with children? Real ones, I mean.)

Anyways. This is a dumb entry, I know, but I'm trying to pass time more quickly at work via multi-tasking. If there wasn't anything going down this weekend and I still had to go to school next week, I'm not sure I'd make it to the end of today even. C'mon, you know when there are blog entries almost everyday, things are extra ridiculous. BUT. Only three and a half days until California and Oregon land in Spain! 'Nuff said.

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