Monday, October 22, 2007

Sitges or Leeches?

After planning countless trips and having none pan out, we finally made it somewhere! Not without a great deal of difficulty, of course, as has become typical of any endeavors on our parts. The unreliable train system in Barcelona made for a complicatedly lengthy voyage to Sitges, supposedly only about a 30-45 minute ride (it took us 3 hours), but it was well worth all the confusion and extra waiting.

Now that we are working girls in addition to diligent students Monday-Friday, we have learned to truly appreciate our weekends. And Saturday was certainly spent the right way: relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Sitges was BEAUTIFUL. It's a ritzy beach town of breath-taking scenery and great ambiance. No hoards of obnoxious tourists, the sea water was actually clear, and the weather just happened to be absolutely perfect. Peaceful naps on the rock pier with iPods soothingly playing, leisurely walks along the boardwalk, delicious gelato on the beach steps, coffee and journaling time at a cafe, little extravaganza frolicks here and there, and a constant sense of awe at all the gorgeous surroundings--the mansions, the old churches, the fancy restaurants, the quaint streets--kept us more than sufficiently occupied. Not to mention, refreshed. Definitely a place we will be frequenting in the coming months.

Mmmm, enjoy...
Satisfaction and utter contentment.

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