Monday, October 15, 2007

Jazz, please.

After last weekend's clubbing fiasco (I seriously almost flew back home to San Diego), I was sure I was 99% idiot to even dare to venture out again. Fortunately, idiocy in this case proved to be a good strain of crazy. Sierra and I spent our Saturday night reveling in an absolutely incredible Latin Jazz concert at the Jamboree club in Placa Reial. I feel like such a moldy for enjoying it so thoroughly as the crowd was visibly much, much older, but no matter--I can honestly say it was the best weekend night I've had in Barcelona. Highlights of the evening: 1) Good, clean, classy entertainment in a small, intimate venue. The solos and musical genius were awe-striking. 2) There was not one single drop of alcohol involved. 3) We didn't have to wait for the metro to reopen at 5AM and get home after the crack of dawn. 4) We even ate! (Hey, eating is truly a significant event here.) 5) All for the total expense of just ten euros. Mmhm. That is how we do. I'm so taking my dad when he comes. And winter break? Get ready, guys, we're going.

Ohhh yes.

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Mrs. Wong said...

Your jazz experience reminded me of the time when I was traveling through Quebec, Canada. My cousin and I were looking for a place to eat place was crowded with young and hip singles, another was still quiet. We picked the quiet place. As we waited for our meals, a jazz trio was just starting to perform their set. It was the best treat.

I hope you gals find more hidden treasures like this, off the beaten path!

Also, Lauren your silver/black outfit is fab!