Wednesday, October 17, 2007

But I'm from San Diego...

I woke up at 7 this morning and was quietly scuttling around the room getting ready for work when my ear caught wind of ominous liquidous sounds coming from outside the window. I peeked around the curtain to discover to my absolute dismay that despite it being perfectly sunny yesterday, it was presently POURING rain. Booo.

I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I actually owned an umbrella. Or any articles of weather-appropriate clothing. The only shoes I brought, or that I own, for that matter, that are remotely rain-worthy are my Converses [give me a break, I'm Californian and I go to UCSD. I don't ever wear anything besides Rainbows year 'round (which in a further sidenote are currently sitting in a hidden compartment under my bed, complete in an irrevocable state of death from an ugly rotting sequence caused by the last storm I got caught in. Moody Spanish weather, how I loathe you...)]. No mind the "minor details" that cloth soaks up water and I can't pull them off with my dress clothes for work. Yesssz (that's right, I just used a "z").

Needless to say, it was an adventure getting to work this morning. Woot woot. Shrouded in my winter coat that was 37 degrees too warm, huddled feebly under the hood, I scurried (as quickly as I could without actually slipping and dying) to the metro station, trudging through puddles and mud in my open-toed, high heeled dress shoes. Then I loaded myself onto the metro that was packed like a cattle car of epic morning rush hour proportions and fought for a handle to hold onto. I also had to search for a free spot of space to focus my eyes so as not to be constantly accidentally making awkward eye contact with every stranger on the train. Slim pickings. I settled for staring at my reflection in the window, studying the mountainous bags under my eyes. Where did those come from? I then also noted that I forgot to do something about my hair, as it was in the same bed-smushed shape as when I rolled over to turn off my alarm and got out of bed and changed and brushed my teeth and made breakfast and left the piso and...

Before I could dwell on the state of my bed head any longer, the metro started, causing me to nearly kill eight people and incite an impressive domino reaction of the survivors in a failed attempt to battle sideways motion in my heels. Verguenza China en mi cabeza, as Sierra would say. Those next six stops never seemed so long. At least I managed to get off on the right stop though today (um, so, I wasn't paying attention on Monday and...).

Also. Normal people usually shave time off their commutes the more familiar they become with their routes. I, on the other hand, belong to my own idiot population that manages to progressively ADD more time, as I keep getting more lost walking to the office with each passing day. What?!? I don't know. I do know that today was possibly the worst day to add an extra forty minutes of wandering. Contrary to popular thought, slogging is actually not a preferred pastime of mine. Where is Geoffrey, aka: my personal GPS, when I need him?

It's now 2 in the afternoon and there is still this rank, damp smell emanating from the ends of my soggy pants that I dragged around the flooded sidewalks this morning. Even heels can't solve my height and shopping-for-but-never-finding-pants-the-right-length predicament. Oh, genetics. Why did you forsake me? Breaking news: I also just went to the kitchen to procure myself some caffeine and completely FELL ON MY FACE, after blissfully floating in and disregarding the huge dip in the wooden floor planks, crashing to the ground for all to hear. So much for not flopping all over the office. Shall I ever outgrow this klutziness? (That was rhetorical, thank you.)

Ahhh, nothing like a normal day in the life of Llorena (Catalan and not pronounced Yor-en-ah).

As you can see, the gloom and doom has fortunately NOT dampened my sense of humor, sharp wit, and biting sarcasm. Hahaha. ... Who do I think I am? (Thank you, Grace Lee, for that wonderful line.) No, I'm not bitter at all. I just thoroughly enjoy concocting dripping accounts of my generally dry mornings as I sit at work awaiting my next project and my pants to reach a state of Southern California goodness. All puns intended.

In the meantime, stay classy San Diego and relish your stupid sunshine. :)

Your favorite pasty face

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Irene Lynette said...

ya know what,
San Diego has had rather bipolar weather lately too. I was awake at 6AM the other day and looked outside my window to see rain pouring down from the sky. So naturally, I put on my lovely baret/hat from Barcelona (I wear it EVERY chance that I get), got my scarf out and wrapped it around my neck, and bundled myself up in nice, warm layers. I was warm all morning as the rain poured down on me and thought to myself: "oh, those suckers are all so freezing and I'm the smart one who is nice and cozy-warm in her nice winter clothes".....but, suddenly, the plo thickened. I walked out of my 11AM class to behold that the SUN had been in an epic battle with the rain clouds while I was learning about linguistics and glottal stops...and apparently the sun kicked the rain away and had warmed up ALL of San Diego. So, imagine me, wrapped up in my "nice winter outfit" and SWEATING TO DEATH!

Moral of the story: learn from my mistake and don't confuse the weather that you are experiencing now with San Diego weather when you get back.

Love you girls and hope you are LOVING Barcelona. The city is amazing and I know you girls are savy enough to make the most of this year and then some.