Saturday, July 12, 2008

Runnin' In The Rain

¿Cómo se dice SOGGY?!?!

Unfortunately, my internet access has been extremely spotty these days, so I have not been able to write as proliferately as my latest adventures should warrant. So until I catch up, here is a quickie while I'm at Ry's flat mooching her wireless.

HOSTIA. Despite the fact that it was 34 degrees Celsius this morning, IT IS CURRENTLY POURING IN BARCELONA. Like cats and dogs pouring. Or really, tigers and wolves pouring. Ahhhh.

We stepped out of the metro station and it was thundering and lighting and LLOVIENDO. My Rainbows promptly caused me to slip and completely eat it four times within the first two minutes much to the amusement of many bystanders. I quickly shucked the suckers off, and then Ryan and I proceeded to dash the 15 minute route to her apartment, bags and bags of Brava sauce in tow. I was barefoot, drenched to the core, and could not see a thing. And not just because I lost a contact along the way...FOOF. We finally arrived at our blessedly dry destination, that is, until I tracked water throughout her entire piso. Ehhh. I am now wearing her clothes, soaking through those as well, and praying for a cease fire long enough to afford me a dry journey back to my penitentiary cell (I'm staying at a semi-janky hostel in room 666 for the next few nights...).

We're keeping it classy over here by the Sagrada Familia too. Since we obviously aren't about to go out for dinner as planned, we scrounged up an old box of Mac n' Cheese and a can of ravioli. And we're getting in our last truly Spanish Tinto de Verano with our ever classic 40 centimo boxed wine...drinking out of plastic cups because all her glasses are molding in the sink. With episodes of Season 3 of The Office playing (amazing!) on top of it all, I pretty much couldn't ask more out of life....

Hey, at least it's never boring here, right?

[Click for a more accurate view??]
I KNOW you miss this face.
Don't you worry your little heads.
I'll be home in less than three days!!!!!!!!!

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