Monday, April 7, 2008

En Los Tiempos de Primavera

Springtime in Parc Ciutadella

Until a few weeks ago, Si and I spent a few months floundering about in a deep pit of homesickness; smothered by its uninspirational depression and cursed by its unreliquishing grip. But the seasonal transition to delightful spring and the emergence of the sun these days have come to our rescue and brought about a reinvigorated joy of being in Spain...just as the countdown begins, ironically enough.

Yes, it's official. There are exactly 100 days until my glorious return to California. I left the Golden State on July 15th and shall be reappearing on the fated day of July 15th. [Sidenote: Sierra is coming home two weeks earlier on July 1st, so I expect to hear stories about her extravagant reception crew and welcoming party complete with balloons, banners, sparkles, and In-N-Out burgers. I'm not kidding (and consequently, neither is she).]

One whole entire complete year. The initial first moment will be interesting. In January, I had rather intense dreams about it every single night for two weeks straight. Una noche, I even dreamed Concon was at the airport with the rest of my entire extended family... Anyway, I digress. Si and I have run through every scenario possible, but what really matters presently is that there are still 100 days left and if we've learned anything...a lot can happen in that time. Jajaja. Así que, por el momento, we will be relishing the remaining months in Spain, finalizing a few more exciting trips, hosting visitors galore, and as always, engaging in our general ridiculousness. ¡Olé!

Here is a glimpse of my new favorite place in Barcelona:

We were like those who dreamed...


Grace said...

=) looks a little like california! ha. espero que todos esten bien

Anonymous said...

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