Sunday, April 27, 2008

And the Nakies Come Out To Play...

I'm so behind on blog entries these days...but I'm lazy and have a lot of homework and lack the inspiration to write. Blog entries just have to come, you know? And when they don't, they don't.

Anyway. A few weekends ago, Si and I went to visit an old friend Jackie, whom I had not seen since high school graduation (has it really been that long already?), in Madrid. More to come regarding that trip, but for now I will say this: if Barcelona didn't have the beach, I would be depressed for my life for not having chosen to study in Madrid. I loved it there! It was beautiful, clean, classy, and there were no creepers (you know, this trend of being shocked in the absence of sickos is quite sad...). They also had a fantastic sandwich shop called 100 Montaditos, in which the menu consists of 100 different varieties of bocadillos to chose from. You simply check off the ones you want, state the quantity, and bon apetit to you for only 1.10euro a sandwich! Man, I'd be such a chub if I lived there.

But back to the beach...Barcelona has been having absolutely amazing weather as of late. Granted, sporadic rainy days abound, but the 70-degree temperatures have me giddily gadding about with glee and forgiving the occasional drops. The golden rays, cerulean blue skies, and in-between-class-sprawling on the grass have been so worth it. Call me superficial but my disposition seems irrevocably linked to sunshine and warmth, so when it's beautiful out, I'm exponentially happier. 

Taking advantage of such ideal conditions, I have officially adopted the beach as my weekend home away from home. At said abode, usually Sitges or sometimes Castelldefels when the train decides it actually wants to stop there, I revel in the fine sand and crisp Mediterranean salt air, catch up on sweet slumber, and attempt to make the most of those blissful moments with the tricky task of employing only four senses. 

FOUR senses, you ask? Well, you see, beaches here are very, um, free. Back in Cadiz, when we first discovered the Spanish penchant for toplessness, it shocked our cheeks red (hint: redness not caused by sun exposure). These days, I employ my greatest disciplines to overcome my tendency towards continued surprise. I try to tell myself that bodies are natural or something.......but then things like running into a naked coworker happen and like a frightened turtle, I snap back into my shell of OMG, for the last time, keep your eyes SHUT, Lo! mode. (IT WAS SOOOOO AWKWARD!!!) And so continues the four senses beach experience. Another reason why San Diego calls to me. We were created with five senses and I intend on using them all to their fullest extent. 

79 days and counting, baby.

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tim said...

Hey.. was just doing a lil blog-stalking. Seems like someone's having a lot of fun... yet... homesick? Well, hopefully I can see you when you get back. Not sure if you're updated... tiff had her baby :P he's getting bigger.. haha he's bout 9 weeks? Ben is gonna be married in 3 weeks.. alex at the end of august. I'm planning on moving out east to work and join Jenny out there.. sometime in the summer.

Other then that, just finishing last quarter and trying to do some wedding planning before i'm outta town.

Well anyways, say hi sometime. =)