Saturday, March 8, 2008

Babysitting. Voted #1 most effective contraceptive.

This is Laia. Isn't she a cute little chum chum?

Angelic facades...pshhhh. Adorable chub on the outside, total monster otherwise. Still an only child as of yet, she really knows how to work the system. We are talking Pablo Picasso status when it comes to the art of throwing tantrums. MAN.

Anyway, every Friday, I get paid 15 bucks to "teach English" to this three-year-old for an hour. Much of the time I spend at the house is necessarily spent saying "no" or "we don't throw things, okay?" or "please don't hit me." No wonder she just scowls when her parents ask her if she likes it when I come over. Haha.

Today, after a surprisingly cooperative and productive five minutes (I brought stickers...), her mom came into the room to check on us and asked, "Laia, what have you learned?" I proudly waited for her to show off the immense knowledge I had just imparted on her. But instead of rattling off "One, two, thra-fee (we're still working on this)" or "A, B, C," she stands up and screams "CACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The little devil. I did NOT teach her that, thankyouverymuch.

I need Geoffrey to come charm her into submission. Brotherrrr!!

So homesick it hurts.


Anonymous said...

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Grace said...

dont click that. haha.

anyways. that sounds like an adventure. gotta love kids! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

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