Saturday, November 3, 2007

Castelldefels and Roundabout Travels

If nothing else, two things we love about Spain: dias festivos and puente. Practically every other day here is a holiday and the reasons run the gamut of life, literally; two weeks ago it was National Day of Being Spanish. The best part is that if it happens to fall on a Tuesday or Thursday, well, Monday or Friday respectively are automatically considered holidays too. It's fabulous. This week, we had no class on Thursday and thus were given leave of work for Friday as well. Taking advantage of such, we continued our day tripping series.

After running a quick errand and being persecuted for my inability to argue well enough in Spanish, we took the metro from Diagonal to Sants Estacio. Only to be told (of course, not until after we swiped our passes and wandered for a bit) that the train was out of service for the next few weeks and we must take the metro instead to Placa Espanya. There we took a bus to the Viladecans train station, where the train was apparently not working either. Got on another bus to Gava. Hopped on the train to Castelldefells and discovered that was still not the right station for the beach. Waited for the next train, got back on yet again, and finally alighted at Platja de Castelldefels to arrive at long last a la playa. We truly have the art of resourceful wandering down to a tee.

Quiet beach town. Few people. Serene scenery. Gentle sun rays. Temperate weather. A blanket. Naps in the sand. Cheese and tomato sandwiches from home. Ice cold Fanta de naranja. Classic novels. Bibles. Journals. iPods. And all the time in the world.

Que rrrrrrico.

I don't think I shall ever be able to live far from the coast.

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