Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tenim piso

God is good.

AHHHHHHH. The day has finally come! We have officially moved into what shall be our home until next July. Words cannot even begin to express how delightedly happy we are. It is so good to be settled permanently, especially in such a nice place. We're a bit pooped to detail our day and living situation in excited words, but may these pictures appease you for now.

The front door (the open one) that took
us five million years to unlock and open...

La cocinaThe living room.Hallway of rooms:
(we are two of six people who live here)
Our ROOM!!!One of the banys.Teeheehee...The view from the balcony
(to which our room affords private access)

By the way, did you see all that blank wall space? Send us photographs! Of San Diego, of life, of your faces!
Help us make home, HOME.

Our address:
Facultat de Lletres--Edifici B--Campus UAB
Despatx B11/180
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Valles), BARCELONA, SPAIN

And if you send a package, you must write "SIN VALOR COMERCIAL" to avoid being charged taxes.



glo said...

ahhh :] congrats!!!
i just started using this blogger thingy... oh man. i missed out so much on what you both have been going through these past few weeks/months! :]
sooo beautiful!~
i've been sitting here for hours reading the posts and looking at the pictures ;]
wish i had remembered earlier that u told me you would have this~

grace said...

dude. i miss you guys so dang much, now that i'm here. =(