Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeremiah 29:11-13

I love getting emails from people at home. Not only because it makes me feel like I have friends, but also because it is such a blessing to hear about how God is tangibly working in different parts of the world. He has been growing and teaching my friends and family in revolutionary ways and crazy answering prayers all over the place. Bearing witness (in an indirect way, I guess) to such things has in turn given me much confidence in His providence regarding life here in Barcelona. The pressures and insecurities of finding somewhere to live, finding a church, finding good friends, and finding ways to manage money well (aka: learning to live simply and economically) have not plagued me or caused any sort of insomnia. In fact, the stories from home have given me peace and hope in the sovereign goodness of God and His impeccable timing.

That being

Last night, I spent a solid few hours intensely researching Craig's List Barcelona (instead of doing homework, haha) and examining ads for reasonably-priced places to live. I booked marked a trillion notices, wrote down a billion phone numbers, and sent about a million emails. I did more math than I ever want to do for the rest of my life, converting Euro rent prices to the equivalent dollar amounts; adding, subtracting, dividing. I also racked my brain for ways to find non-Americans to live with to no avail. Needless to say, it was slightly overwhelming. Not to mention, I don't know the first thing about un-naively searching for an apartment--that's minus the foreign country, foreign language factor even.

Long story short, Sierra and I received an appointment for this afternoon to look at what was the best possible option I had found. Initially there was a sort of miscommunication and we couldn't find Miguel anywhere, despite frantically calling and texting back and forth. That is until I sent him a message saying: "I am Chinese and I'm wearing a white shirt." He found us within five minutes. If I could talk about being Asian here...but I digress.

We went to look at the apartment and it was practically heaven.

We're going back tomorrow to put down a deposit and sign a contract, and we move in September 14th (I'll save the detailed gushing until then). Simple as that, God plopped the perfect living situation right into our laps. And on only our fifth day in Barcelona! Incredible.

I can assure you we were mentally squealing and heel clicking the entire walk and metro ride back to the dorms.

**It's getting late and we have six hours of class everyday, so I need my sleep. A more comprehensive and detailed update on life in Barcelona to come.
But thank you for all your prayers!


Daniel said...

Hey, that's a great photo! *snrk*

Glad to hear you got your housing situation all out of the way--that's amazing. I'm going to seriously work on that this weekend, hopefully that won't be too late.

grace said...

Wohoo!!!!! praise God fo sho!

i'm quite excited for you! =)